Personal Narrative: My Bachelor's Degree

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Mom always told me that if I don’t keep the score up I will have to find a job someday. The score is just what my mom and I call my grades. She means that if I don’t keep up my grades she would stop giving me monthly allowance and you know kids these days, that's what keeps us going. I always listened to her until I started playing basketball. Everyday after school I went to basketball training for two whole hours and I know what you’re going to say, why don’t you do your homework after basketball? Well, you see my team always has these team parties. On other days I have to go to my older sister’s lacrosse games. She is a pro at it or should I say she was a pro at it. Lately, she has been missing all the goals. Now she is always yelling at me and bossing me around. She is always saying “Stephanie bring me this...and Stephanie bring me that…” If you are wondering who is Stephanie? Stephanie is me. Stephanie Helen Cooper, yup that’s me.…show more content…
Mom stopped giving me allowance when my grades dropped in 7th grade. Now I need a job and I am still in 9th grade. I got advice from my younger sister Emily. She told me to work at her favorite dessert shop, Banana Boat. I was like “no way girl!” I was thinking and I found a perfect place to work at! Well, Carly my older sister told me to work at my favorite clothes store, Forever 15. “ Great idea!” I said.…show more content…
I was so excited to tell my mom, until my sister came storming in with a barbie body in one hand and a barbie head in the other. “Rufus tore her head off!” Cried Emily.
“It’s no big deal, I can fix her in no time.” I ran downstairs and got a bottle of glue and pasted her head back together. I didn’t want to tell Emily that I pasted her head together and I needed the paste to dry so I said that the barbie needed rest from the big
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