Personal Narrative: My Day At Americus-Sumter High School

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In the Spring of 2015 all seniors were all excited and happy for all their activities they had coming up. Friday, May 15, 2015, at Americus-Sumter High School all the seniors had planned to do a prank at our very last pep rally/Cinco De Mayo program at the school. So we all got in one big group text message and had everything all planned out to the exact time and everything. Many then left the school piece by piece to get lots of water balloons, silly string, party poppers, and party confetti. As the day went by we had to struggle to get the water balloons filled with water and had to find places to hide them from the janitors and underclassmen. In the process of trying to find hiding places we came upon abandoned cooler so we started stashing the water balloons in the cooler until it was time for the big show down. After we got half of the balloons filled up many decided they wanted to go ahead and throw a few water balloons and spray silly string in the halls. We were hyped, excited, and ready for the final show down at the end of the day. …show more content…

It seemed like we were waiting for Christmas time went by extremely slowly. Once 2:45 struck all seniors waited for the intercom to come on to dismiss us to the gym. In the meantime in between time all seniors ran the halls chanting 2-0-1-5, 2-0-1-5! Even though we were all excited and amped we had to control ourselves during the Cinco De Mayo program. HA! SIKE! When I say the Cinco De Mayo Program wasn't even halfway over before the signal popped off for the show down to start it was tragic but EPIC all at the same time. Seniors had water balloon coming left, right, up, and down it was balloon city in the senior section. Then came the silly string! A wet stringy mess, after that everything started popping off. Water balloons, silly string, confetti, and party

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