Personal Narrative: My First Parent Conference

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The real basis for Jeff’s fear is the fact that he is a new, first year teacher, and he has a class of low performing students. Being nervous before parent conferences is something that all teachers go through. It does not help that the talk he’s heard from other teachers is considerably negative. They have unrealistically implanted a fear in him of parent conferences. He must understand that all parents do what they think is best for their children. There are a few parents who are obnoxious and are not doing what they should, but they are few in number. The problem is, however, is that they can be the loudest. Not only did colleagues give him a negative view of conferences, his issues with pressure from previous dealings with his family is also why he fears the parent conferences. Being a teacher makes him accountable to parents…show more content…
He could give me pointers to help me have a successful conference. The principal could also offer some insight on the parents of his students if he had any previous interactions with them. I would simply say, “Mr. Principal, I am feeling a little nervous about the upcoming parent conferences. Is there any advice or insight you could give me to help me have successful conferences? Are there any items that you want to make sure I address with parents?”
It is the principal’s role to prepare teachers for parent conferences. I think it’s most important for principals to review the characteristics of a good parent conference as a reminder for all teachers. My principal always sent out a checklist of reminders to do, have in place, or discuss prior to parent conferences. I do believe Jeff’s principal did not take into consideration the new teachers on his staff. He wrongfully assumed that everyone knew how to conduct parent conferences and were aware of what to
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