Personal Narrative: My Grandpa Has Stage 3 Leukemia

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It was October 22, 2017….first period of freshman year my best friend Casey got a call to the office. She came back in the room and looked distraught there were tears rolling down her face. Casey never had this look on her face and she never I leaned over and asked her “Casey, what happened?” “My grandpa has stage 3 leukemia and it’s progressing very fast.” I had never seen her so down and upset. Casey’s grandpa was the one who taught her the majority of what she knows about bass fishing. They were very close and fished together all the time. This was going to be where her life changed. Casey was a strong girl, she had been through a divorce with her parents. I knew that she could get get through this but it was going to be hard. “Nicole, I can’t do …show more content…

Casey was in a bad mood all day since she got the call. It was like she wouldn’t accept what her mom had told her this morning. Casey wouldn’t let herself cry in front of all these people at school. I knew the last thing she wanted was for a bunch of people to come and ask what was wrong. Casey face-timed me when she got home from the hospital. She was crying hysterically, I never thought I would see her in this bad of shape and it was only going to get worse. “His cancer is only getting worse. How could they not catch it? I mean it’s stage 3 Leukemia and soon to be stage 4.” “Sometimes things are hidden. Look Casey, I know today was a rough day for you finding out this tragic news. But, your grandpa is strong he can make it through this. It may seem like the cancer is already too far and nothing can fix it. If we all just have enough faith God will help him through it.” “I asked the doctors the percentage he had to live and be able to fish again. They told me there was no way to know yet. I knew that had to be a very slight chance that he would be able to. I asked the doctors again, this time I said don’t sugar coat it just tell me how it

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