Personal Narrative: My Job

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I sit in the small, confined DJ booth of a hole-the-wall bar. Mike, better known as Cowboy, the ten-gallon hat wearing owner of Afterburners, invites me to come resume my DJ duties since I am on a two-week layoff from my factory job and larger crowds have once again began filing into the bar. I used to DJ on weekends for Cowboy before school and my full-time job became too much and his business began to slow down. I have to admit it feels good to be back in my old element. Afterburners is small and could use some tender loving care, but it really is a nice place. Patrons vary from military personal who are out on Grissom Air Force Base for orders, to police and security forces who are staying and receiving training at the Vohn Liche facilities,…show more content…
As soon as I play it, as soon as I hear it, it awakens something in me. The base line makes me more aware of my own heartbeat while the lyrics transport my mind outside of my own body. I truly feel like I am transcended everything around me until Cowboys voice brings me back to, “Great job tonight,” he says, handing me crisp bills from the register as my payment, “Come on back anytime!” It’s now three-thirty, and the crowd has dispersed. I step out into the cold and head for my car, parked conveniently in the parking lot of the abandoned hotel next door. I never park close because you can never trust the assessment of others when they say, “I’m okay to drive, I haven’t drank THAT much.” I really didn’t drink much this night, but after making sure my car was undamaged and locked up, I decide that aside from the cold it is a good night to walk the five blocks home. Though our Writing the Body class advocates disconnected walking to get the full experience, I respectfully disagree and insert my headphones, still riding my musical high. With my Outkast playlist as the soundtrack, I walk across the empty parking lot, thinking about how not long ago the hotel was still open and usually pretty full. Now it has the appearance of something from a horror movie, or perhaps American Horror Story. Windows are broken and grass is growing wild in the front, seemingly twisting and crawling up the walls and into the cracks of the windows to fill the
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