Personal Narrative: My Learning Style Inventory

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Before taking this test, I was not aware of what type of learner I was. Every time I had to study for a test, I simply used flashcards and continuously re-write the information until i had established a vast understanding for it. After taking this Learning Style Inventory, I am now more aware of what type of learner I am and how I can use these styles on a daily basis. As you can see from my results, I scored highest in logical, social, and aural.
Trying to relate my learning styles from past experiences, I moderately understand how my highest score was logical. I would not quite classify myself as logical, however, when I study for any subject, I try to seek for connections and relationships between concepts. In this sense, I will consider
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Whether it is me with a question or a classmate, I am always open to listen, assist, and share my understanding. My vision of a social learning style is study in a group. Lately, I have been studying in groups more often, which comes to my attention that it is definitely working. It allows me to bounce ideas throughout my classmates. When studying in groups, I personally will use this to let each other to teach other in what one thinks she/he is and “expert” in. Furthermore, this learning style can also include family, where you can simply ask them to quiz you before exams. This will provide me social interactions, which is most competent for me, making the process of the information easier.
Aural learning is definitely one I am aware of. I undoubtedly learn best when teachers give lectures. I tend to remember and repeat ideas that are verbally presented. When test taking, I recall my voice and my teacher voice lecturing the information. Discussing the new information given and learning from my mistakes verbally, allows me to comprehend the information in a more efficient way. This style of learning can enhance my study skills by simply listening to the lectures given in class and take notes. So later I can recall back to what information I have to take
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