Personal Narrative: My Placement

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My Placement
When I was in high school, I distinctly remember the foreign exchange program the languages department ran throughout the year. Students from Russia, Germany, France, and Spain came over to the United States to live with a host family and have a taste of what everyday American life is like. By the time I graduated from high school, I had never hosted any students, and never intended to be a foreign exchange student in another country. However, upon exploring and researching extracurriculars for studying medicine, I came across Projects Abroad. After applying, it was only a few weeks until I was receiving emails about what Córdoba, Argentina would be like, who I would be staying with, and the types of activities we would be participating in throughout the week. Before I knew it, I was flying alone on an international flight to an unfamiliar city almost 5,000 miles away from home. I was nervous, jet-lagged, and my Spanish was more than a little bit rusty. However, after spending just one week with my host family and Projects Abroad leaders in such a lively and welcoming city, I fell in love with Córdoba. My Spanish skills improved, my passion for medicine was stronger than ever, and I was a confident in navigating a completely foreign city.

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I ate Dulce de Leche, drank mate, and spent time walking throughout a local market filled with homemade housewares and popular local food. It was refreshing to see the differences that Argentina had to Western culture, and how different their way of life was than what I was familiar with. My favorite part was always being greeted with besos y abrazos, making me feel like part of the Argentinian
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