Personal Narrative: My Practicum Experience

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In February 2017 I started my practicum at Owensboro Medical Practice in Owensboro, KY. My practicum experience started with an interview with my clinical adviser, Brandie Ashley. Owensboro Medical Practice is located at 1200 Breckenridge St. and consists of an Immediate Care clinic, Heart and Vascular clinic, Pacemaker clinic, Coumadin clinic, Rejuve Medical Spa, Research Center, and various primary physicians’ offices.
Before I could start my clinical experience, I was asked to come in and take part in a mock interview. I treated this experience as a real interview and went in professional dress I also provided Mrs. Ashley with a cover letter and resume. After completing the interview, I was approved to begin my clinicals with Owensboro Medical Practice. I was not given a specific schedule to work or even times to come into the facility, I contacted Mrs. Ashley in the mornings after the facility opened to see if it was okay for me to come in that day. I would start my clinical days around 8:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. and I would work till 3p.m. or later. On days that I worked for more than 6 hours I would take a …show more content…

This consisted of taking vitals and triaging patients before the physician sees them. I learned how to take accurate blood pressures, take flu and strep swabs for the lab, and got to witness many shots given and blood drawn. I trained as a medical assistant in the Rejuve cosmetic clinic where I got to learn how to pull paper charts and get paperwork ready for incoming patients. I also worked in the Heart and Vascular clinic and Pacemaker clinic where I learned how to give an electrocardiogram (EKG), and do an accurate patient workup which consists of asking about current medications, social and family histories, patient medical history, and taking vitals along with a neck measurement to see if the patient qualifies for a sleep

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