Personal Narrative: My Sister's Experience With Childcare

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For this journal, I will be discussing my sister’s experience with childcare. For her two children, now ages 6 and 8, child care was a necessity as both she and their father work full time. After my nephew was born, my sister placed him in the daycare center available where she worked, and later when he started preschool, he spent half days at an in-home daycare ran by one of my sister’s best friends. After my niece was born, my sister started out using the in-home daycare, so both children would be at one place, but she later enrolled her at an early childhood center that also had a preschool for her to attend when she was ready.
Overall, the child care centers and the in-home one she sent my niece and nephew to were satisfactory. She was …show more content…

While she would occasionally have bouts of guilt for leaving them, some days from 7:15 AM until 4:00 PM, no one ever told her she needed to stay home with them instead of working, as that just was not financially possible. In part, I think this was also because my sister works in education and was able to stay home with them full time during the summers and school breaks, and on rare occasions she was even able to bring them to work with …show more content…

Unlike her, however, I think I would like to stay at home with them until they reach school age if it was financially possible for me to do so. Not because it is what society thinks a mother’s place is, but because I would love to be able to spend that time with them when they are little. Our mom, who also works in education, did not go back to work until I my younger sister and I were in 2nd and 4th grade, and I would love to give my children that same experience. Having her pick us up from school and smelling fresh baked cookies when we walked in the door is something I’ll never

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