Personal Narrative: My Trip To Florida

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The warm,cozy and smell caught me off guard and I wanted to just sit there and listen to it. The first thing we did when we got to Florida is we all went to our rooms and rested. Then,in the morning we went to the beach. The water there was temperate and delightful. The people there were very balmy to us too. We also went to a lot of restaurants. They had delectable seafood and sweets such as cake,ice cream,and brownies and more. The best part of going to Florida is that we got to go to an amusement park and rode a lot of rides. The trip was completely worth it though, I got to experience a lot in that beautiful trip. I got to see the alluring plants and animals there. We saw ravishing white tigers, vast lions, and other tepid animals such as monkeys and other animals. It was at the zoo and the zoo…show more content…
We all woke up around eight o’clock,then we got up and had some breakfast and we were getting ready to leave. We made sure we had all of our clothing before we left. We did, and then we left. It was a gloomy day there in Florida.Instead of us arriving there,we were leaving While we were heading back down to our home, we stopped by a couple of nice restaurants. I can’t remember the names of them because I was completely tired and ready to go to bed but they had delectable hamburgers. After that we continued our trip back home. Then we drove through Kentucky, It was really warm there. The grass was green and the trees and plants were too. It was a lot more satisfying than I thought. When we finally made it into Kansas, I felt joyous instead of dismal because I missed the familiar buildings and roads there. No place is like home, I finally learned that. We kept on heading back to Gardner and when we finally did, I went over to a friend's house and we hung out and had fun and ran around. Then when I got home from my friend’s house, I started packing up my room. Then a week later I moved to Shawnee. That was my trip to
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