Personal Narrative: My Trip To Moneague College

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I am a 2008 graduate of Moneague College. On Wednesday April 26, 2017 I had a representative visited the Port Maria Campus to apply for an unofficial transcript. On the same day I spoke with Ms. Nicole Betton and outlined my situation to her. She advised me to have the bearer pay the transcript fee and that I should send her an email with my information. Ms. Betton responded to my email stating that she found a copy of the transcript I had requested in 2012 and that she would have it scan and emailed by Friday which I assumed would have been Friday April 28, 2017. (Please see screen shot below). On Thursday April 27, 2017 I was informed by my Academic Adviser and the Dean that due to the fact that my accounting courses were taken outside of the United States, an assessment would be needed before I could be accepted in the program. In this case I would need an official transcript as oppose to the unofficial I initially ordered. I call the Port Maria Campus and…show more content…
Betton's office on Friday April 28, 2017 and left a voice message. On Tuesday May 2, 2017 I called the Port Maria Campus and spoke with Ms. Thompson, who directed me to speak with Ms. Betton regarding my request for the course description. I informed her that my efforts to reach Ms. Betton has proven futile and I am getting frustrating with the institution because I am now under the impression that I am being stonewalled. A few minutes ago I called Ms. Betton, and was told that she will be responding to my email today but she needs to have dialogue with Ms. Thompson before she does. I then asked her about the possibility of getting the course content to which she responded that she could not give me a definite date as to when the curse content would be processed and that I need to outline which courses I need the course content for and pay a search fee and per page copy fee. This was the information I was requesting in my last email so that I could know how to
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