Pierre Brent Case

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My son, Pierre Brent, a student that recently transferred from S.T.N Community College, is being held liable for a portion of the Title IV funds that he was eligible to receive for the spring 2013 semester that had allegedly been refunded to him in error by the school. The financial administration has not resolved the matter, therefore, I am escalating this matter to your office for a solution.

My son was eligible for a Pell award of $5 for the 2012/2013 year of which $5 had been disbursed for the fall 2012 term and $1 for the spring 2013 term. However, $9 was applied toward his tuition and a Pell refund for $ and a Pell Book Advancement refund for $35 were issued to him by the school by mistake. Two years later, the mistake has been
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We called the bursar's office to discuss the matter and were referred to T R Daley, the financial aid director but she referred me to Sam Wong who referred me to the director of the bursar's office, Tony Carson. After reviewing the facts of the case, Mr. Carson lifted the hold on my son's account but told me he did not have the jurisdiction to waive the charges. He said he would refer the facts to Ms. Daley and organize a conference call with her and me but soon after he stopped answering my calls. Instead, I spoke to Sam Wong who referred me back to Ms. Daley who then referred me back to Mr. Carson's office. So I was forced to contact Ms. Daley again and finally a conference call was set up. However, during the conference call, instead of resolving the situation at hand, Ms. Daley chose to question my son as if to criminalize him about the refund disbursed to him and then abruptly exited the conference shortly thereafter. There was absolutely zero responsibility taken for the mistake that had occurred. Mr. Carson then referred the case to the ombudsman who also provided no solution.

This is what the president spoke of in his State of the Union address when he said he wanted to hold institutions more accountable. He even proposed to increase educational funding so that students could attend community colleges for free. He is also moving ahead to expand federal income-based repayment programs and working with Senator Alexander to simplify student federal aid. In this case, however, the community college is blaming the student for accepting the financial aid refund issued to him by the school and now, two years later, demanding that he pay the funds
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