Personal Narrative: Myfitness Pal

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Its a combo of a few things for me. First I started by downloading the app "Myfitness Pal" by underarmer (the free one of corse). There you plug in your current weight and then your goal weight, and it give you a "calorie limit" to kind of start off with. Then I did some research on healthier breakfast and lunch choices (leaving dinner to eat shit food lol but within the calorie limit). So for example I would eat oat meal for breakfast with almond milk instead of regular milk, or toast with avocado instead of a bagel with butter. I also carried that into my lunchs at work (let alone I started packing them, so that really helped). But for the first moth or so I wouldn't change my dinners, on the amount, to stay within the calorie limit, this way I could still enjoy food I wasn't willing to give up. …show more content…

I was also weighing myself every three days (It helped me hold my self accountable and focused, I got to see the consiquences of creating a box of thin mint cookies lol. So eventually I eventually I ended up changing my dinners over to a "healthy meal" 4/5 times a week and "cheating" on the weekend. And that has done a lot, I lost another 7/8 in 5/6 weeks. So now I have also introduced a workout video (20 minutes a day) and that has been working crazy well. Ive lost 3/4 lbs in just 2 weeks (and I get to eat more Oreo cookies!). So I think doing it in steps and portion control has been the best option for me. Its felt like a slow process but now I find myself not being able to eat as much crappy food, it makes my feel worse (less energetic, sluggish, unsettled atomic) In other words I'm actually starting to enjoy healthier food more. Sorry for such a long explanation!

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