Personal Narrative: Nor Din

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Nor Din was a friendly, caring person who would always help those in need. He decided to help my dad get into a college. My dad had no money and was living in the old basement of his parents house. His parents did not help him in any way. They believed that he could make it on his own. Nor Din heard about the problem and went to their house in Michigan to help him. When Nor DIn got to their house, he went there with lots of money and a list of colleges that may interest him. He was standing at the front door with his hands full, barely able to knock on the door. A few moments later, my dad saw him and opened the door. He was confused why this guy came to his house, but he figured that he would not hurt him because all he had was a large bag that looked like it weighed a ton. He had to carry it with both hands, shaking. My dad decided to trust him. He asked him what his name was and he said, “I am Nor DIn. I am a science professor. I heard about your problem so I came to help you.” My dad invited him inside and helped him with his stuff. Nor Din gave the bag to my dad and when he opened it, my dad was so surprised. Inside, he found a surplus of money, and a list of colleges around the area. Nor Din told him about his science career. After that, my dad decided that he would…show more content…
My dad thanked Nor Din for everything that he did to help him one last time. My dad packed his stuff and left for college. His parents were so proud of him. My dad went to college and Nor Din continued his job as a science professor. He will ever forget those days. When my dad thanked Nor Din he said “Thank you Nor Din for everything that you did to help me.” My dad finally arrived at Hope College in Michigan. My dad graduated from Hope College and went on to get a PhD in Chemistry from Boston College. He is a great scientist who works at DOW Chemical. My dad learned that everyone needs a little help every once in
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