Personal Narrative : One Of My Personal Experience In The Basketball Game

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One of my personal experience that I remember is when I got injured during a basketball game and twisted my ankle with so much pain going through my body my team help me to the personal trainer. When I arrived in the locker room (Carl) the personal trainer exam my ankle, He told it looks bad that I can’t continue. The things that was through my head was when can I play or return or is this the end of my basketball career. The personal trainer came back and told me I’m going to be in recovery for a long time I hanged my head down in depress, hurt, sad, mad thinking I’ll never be able to return. Through recovery it was long, hard, sad process I was so divested about my ankle injury. It all started on November 15, 2016 that Friday afternoon was our state championship basketball game. We were in the fourth quarter up by 20 points, I got the ball on a fast break and went for a shot I jumped up and released the ball I was focused on making the shot little did I know my career will end that night. My way down from the shot my opponent foot was where I was going to land so my foot hit his and I twisted ankle as I fell down to the ground I know it was going to be the end of my basketball season. I called (James) the coach because I was in extreme pain he called a timeout and came over and asked “How the pain Ezequiel”? I said it bad. My teammates helped me up and carried me to the locker room where (Carl) the personal trainer check my ankle and told me I’m done at that moment I

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