Personal Narrative: Rudy

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Time to say goodbye; My dog, Rudy, has always been with me up until not very long ago. And I had to be part of a really hard decision for him. This decision may compromise everything I ever wanted for us together. Rudy didn’t seem to like it when I was born, although he never snapped at me. He would go to the bathroom in front of my crib in the middle of the night. And wouldn’t come to me for the first while of my life. He still let me climb on him and ride him like a pony without barking or yelling it probably helped that my mom would immediately pull me away when I got too clingy. When I was maybe five me and Rudy “enjoyed” our first spaghetti incident together. I liked to tease Rudy with food when I realized that I was the human and …show more content…

Now Rudy kind of just wailed until my dad, brother or I would pull him out. I stopped being able to leave the back porch with Rudy because he didn’t like walking in the dirt and about then we as a family knew we may have to make an incredibly hard decision. We had a million reasons why it could be the right choice. First, he couldn’t run for very long. Second, we couldn’t play anymore because it hurt him. Third, he was a lot older than most dogs of his breed(s) and that had to mean he was suffering, well who wants to be old, he was like 105 to 107 in dog years. Fourth, one of our most controversial arguments, Rudy was strong willed and he had a big heart that kept him from giving up and going to heaven. And there were a million reasons that we should let him pass away naturally. First, he may still have intentions of making more of his life. Second, I didn’t want Rudy to be completely unknowing of the place he would spend his last moments. Third, if he was strong hearted enough that he could stay alive for this long why couldn’t he decide when he was done living here on earth. Fourth, we wouldn’t have to go through with the pressure the vet may put on us and the guilt we may feel

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