Personal Narrative: Senator Hart

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Too many people out there strive to be like their favorite celebrity, who probably doesn’t do good with their money or time. I hope to never be one of those people, because I want to do good things with my life one day. Things similar to what Senator Philip A. Hart did with his life. Senator Hart always did what he thought to be right, and never cared what other people thought of him for it. He made it his goal to make the world a better place for his, and our, ancestors to live, by fighting for the little man through things like Antitrust Laws, Civil Rights Laws, and the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Another thing that he strived to do was make the environment better. Some national parks are here because of him and they are greatly appreciated …show more content…

These groups have taught me how to take care of myself, others, and the environment; through things like ringing bells for the Salvation Army, raking yards for the elderly, Highway Cleanup, and three mission trips. My Freshman year of high school my Senior High Youth Group went down to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where we went to the Milwaukee Homeless Shelter. We then proceeded to go to Chicago, Illinois to do yard work at Lamb’s Farm, with some of of residents there. It was very humbling to see mentally disabled people working harder and being much more generous, than those that know well enough they should be that …show more content…

The Union Gospel Mission is a homeless shelter that gives its residents jobs within the shelter. They are able to work in the field that they want to get into; things like cooking, cleaning, and many other things. While we were there, some of us were able to work in the kitchen and help prepare a meal for the residents. As the meal was being made, the rest of us were working out in a warehouse, sorting clothes. When it was time for us to eat, most of the residents had already left the dining hall, but there were still a couple of them there. Those last few people had waited in the dining hall because they had wanted to meet us. One of them, a woman, was so unbelievably thankful to see us there, for us getting out and helping

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