Personal Narrative-She's Thief

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Cara Sloane Jacobs fought a constant war with her mind. She never told anybody, I only found out about it a couple days ago. Cara stopped speaking in tenth grade. I had heard that she wouldn’t even speak to her mom. Then, about three weeks ago, she disappeared. No one knows where she went, they don’t even know if she’s still alive. I never knew Cara too well. We were friendly, we’ve done projects together in class, but we’ve never had a real conversation. I’ve always wished I could know her, though. Cara used to be pretty eccentric, but everybody liked her. Her long, jet black hair and haunting grey eyes made her stand out in the hallways. There was just something intriguing about her, I never liked her, I just wanted to know who she really was. I …show more content…

They look odd together in pictures, with Cara’s black hair and bright eyes, and Olivia’s platinum blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Olivia is in a pink floral dress, and Cara has on black skinny jeans and a dark grey sweater covered with skulls and roses. They’re complete opposites, and if they hadn’t spent every minute possible together in school, I wouldn’t have ever guessed they were friends. Then in ninth grade, Olivia and Cara stopped talking to each other. They wouldn’t even look at each other in the hallway. I heard a rumor that Cara tried to get Olivia to steal some clothes from a store, so Oliva refused to speak to her anymore. That was pretty much around the time she started being less quirky. She gave up her dark skinny jeans, patterned shirts, and combat boots for bootcut jeans, flannel shirts, and tennis shoes every day. She stopped wearing her hair in over-the-top styles, and wore it in a ponytail almost everyday. Eventually, a few weeks before she went missing, she cut her hair to her shoulders. She changed so much, it’s almost like she had become an entirely different person, and now it feels like she never even existed, she’s just an idea

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