Personal Narrative Story : My First Friend

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It all started Middle School. First day of 6th grade. The year a lot of change happened. People changed, i lost all of my elementary friends, my cousin left me, but i had also met all of my new friends. Not only that but i had also had my heart broken for the first time but, i got through it. I met Joselin and we became bestfriends and then i met all the other girls , girls i had never spoken to before and we all became close friends. But i also met this boy. Who was my first love. This may sound strange especially because i was young but up to this day i still get the same feeling from the first day i met him. Now, let me tell you how it all happened. I had first met Joselin through some other friends. We mostly started talking because we had a lot of classes together and we had lots of fun so we ended up becoming bestfriends. The way i met him was actually through joselin because he was best friends with her and i also had one class with him and we talked a lot because we had a lot in common. All three of us had lots of fun together. And soon enough i started to like him. He found out through another friend who told him. That afternoon he messaged me and i remember it pretty clear he had asked me if it was true i said that yes it was and him replying with ‘’oh, i like you too’’. it was as if in that moment my whole world had turned and i felt so many different things. We kept texting but things didn't go as planned because i mean keep in mind we were young and in a weird

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