Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving And An Unfortunate Walk

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Thanksgiving and an Unfortunate Walk
Thanksgiving of 2015, my family went to visit a family friend. We’re quite close, we visit them just about every Thanksgiving. My friend lives next to the woods. They aren’t very dense, and a road cuts through them because people live in there too, but they are quite dark. The ground is always full of dead branches and leaves. Because of this we normally walk down the small dirt road that cuts across the woods. This day was different, we decided to hike through the woods up to Paint Creek, a small creek that runs through the entire forest. We emerge next to it on a narrow road, which turned out to be a long driveway. We had just begun walking down it when we heard a car driving up the hill. We didn’t know
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That’s exactly why I thought we should not have been down there. As I was thinking this, two bike riders appeared in the distance. We could see them riding toward us, which freaked me out a bit but I didn’t say anything. They just rode by us, exchanging greetings. Then right after we passed them, we saw another man in a neon green hoodie walk across the road. He just sat on the side, doing nothing. I froze, almost immediately, grabbing my friends arm as if to alert him. I could feel him tighten up too, we were both quite frightened. He just walked on, though, which in hindsight was probably not the right thing to do. I felt that it would reduce some of the awkwardness, especially if the guy did nothing. As we walked past him, my friend said “what’s up” not really looking for an answer. His response was “do y’all do pot?” My friend said “no” and put his hand on my back. As the guy started to get up, I pulled his arm and just ran. The guy didn’t run after us, he just stood there. We didn’t care though. As we were running, we came across a bridge about 20 feet up from another road; we were about to cross Paint Creek again. There was a slope going down to the road from the bridge and so I pulled him that way and we ran down it. As we got to the bottom, I tripped and my friend fell over me. Disoriented, I tried to see if he had chased us. Of course he didn’t, I thought to myself. Briefly, I had felt like it was
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