Personal Narrative: The 1823 Scholarship

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I received the 1823 scholarship and I never would've expected to be so blessed. I was initially scared to be attending Trinity, I come from a title 1 (low income school) in the middle of Georgia and to be going to a school so far away with such prestige felt amazing, but nerve racking at the same time. I was excitedly anticipating starting school in the fall, but I also doubted myself as a minority coming from a background not as extravagant as others attending Trinity. Then one morning I got an email and a call that changed my life. "The 1823 Scholarship is awarded to students who continue to represent our deep-rooted history of strong academic vitality and personal character." It wasn't just the scholarship fund that brightened up my day, it was the fact that Trinity would choose me as a person that represents academic vitality and personal character. …show more content…

I inevitably was going to face financial burdens throughout my college career without a scholarship due to my single mother low-income household. To try and prevent this I applied for many scholarships and worked at Marcos Pizza, Taco Bell, and as an assistant during the summer at a law firm all to save up for my future. I did all this while managing all A's, being involved in a multitude of clubs, sports, community service, and trying my best not to fall asleep in class. Receiving the 1823 scholarship felt like all my hard work payed off, it showed me that people actually support me pursuing a distinguished college education with no financial

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