Personal Narrative: The Ambience Of Jewish Religion

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We attended the memorial that was held in the humble chapel that our washwomen worshipped in every Sunday. As I looked around, unexpected faces filled the room. Everyone wore black, Jew and Gentile alike. This old women affected each of these people in a different way, whether she did their laundry or was just a friend. There was no animosity between Jew and Gentile because we all remembered the same woman. We all gathered there for the same reason, honoring and remembering a humble woman who lived a rich life.

This funeral was different than the ones I had been to. She had passed away a while ago, but according to Jewish religion, it is considered humiliating to bury the dead more than twenty-four hours after their death. In my culture, only
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I found myself wondering every now and again about her son and his life fifteen years after his mother’s passing. At that time, my days consisted primarily of training to be a Rabi; I had a wonderful wife and eight year old boy who I rarely spent time with. It was shame, really, but I believed it my utmost duty to study and know the Talmud. One day – I believe it was a Friday in June – I dwelt in my study and from my window spotted an older man strolling across the sidewalk. His face looked familiar, but I thought nothing of it and returned to my business. My son played contently in the front lawn and occasionally wandered down the street to visit the neighbors. His extremely social nature surprised my introverted, quiet self. Summer progressed, and every day, I noticed my son, Rupert, rushing down the sidewalk. One day, he waltzed passed my window with the familiar-faced (Alliteration) old man, looking up at him as if he spoke some incredible story. I learned that the old man was named Charles Evans and he had recently moved here from Warsaw. That evening at the dinner table I asked my son as he cringed at the sight of broccoli, “I see you’ve made a friend, Rupert. Charles is his
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