Personal Narrative: The Perkins Family Restaurant

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As I walk across the street lit only by a sign that reads, Perkins Family Restaurant, a faint chatter of people can be heard. Cautiously, I approach the front doors and nudge my way through the crowd of people waiting to be seated. The smell of alcohol hangs in the air as I make my way through. Pausing just outside the crowd, I stop to compose myself. The restaurant is bustling with activity. Every table is filled and many are pushed together in order to accommodate the large, boisterous parties of college kids. Customers are everywhere, they run throughout the restaurant greeting acquaintances and joining random booths. They remind me of ants running about an anthill. No two customers are the same. Some are the nicest people anyone could ever meet, while on the other hand some are downright insane. Every couple of nights around 11 p.m., an interesting old man comes in. He saunters through the front doors, pushing a tattered baby stroller. He consistently wears all black. A long black button up coat extends past his ankles, oversized spiked boots protrude from beneath his cloak, and a big black…show more content…
One night a group of cheerleaders came in for a meal. While they waited for their meal they practiced a cheer routine. The server, Matt, who was assigned to their table found a great deal of humor in the sport so he decided to try it for himself. Keep in mind that Matt is in his upper thirties and most likely hasn’t participated in any physical activities in a couple of years. As he was on his way out of the kitchen, he rhythmically yelled, “I’m going!.. to get... their order!.. Okay!” He ended the cheer with a leg kick and a shake of his imaginary pom-poms. Throughout the rest of the teams stay he continued with his humorous cheers. “I’m going!.. to deliver... the food!.. Okay!” He also spiced up his routine with more leg kicks and pom-pom
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