Personal Narrative: The Sencery

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Description: The Sencery, is project combining different medias in one installation. Visiting three places across Slovakian mountains, recording my moves and surroundings. My aim is to evoke the same experience I had, into viewers mind, walking through the untouched nature. Presenting the sound, video, photographs and objects from my journeys. As now days human don't have the opportunity, of being alone, enjoying the time and seeing a part of the “empty” world where time doesn't pass. I aim to introduce the audience with the experience, allowing them to walk through the installation, touch the objective and listen to sounds, absorbing the experience through all their senses. The Aims and Objectives: As my installations combines different medias, I have challenged myself, working with video, sound and photographs. Bigger part of my project is mostly technical, figuring out the installation. Putting together multiple screens and projectors to exhibit my videos. The sound system positioning in certain places to make realistic immersion. My idea is to put one speaker into each corner of the room to make the sound 3D when walking through the installation. I decided to show large scale prints of my photographs for which I…show more content…
To get closet to the photographs, the viewer needs to go through three screens with projections hanged from the sealing, in the middle of the room. For the audio, I have decided to place four speakers in a room to experience the sound 3D. As person walks through the room the intensity of sound changes, depending of the position. The artefacts would be placed on a shelf or stand labeled with the name of the place where they came from and the number of photograph which they relate to. It would be possible for the public to touch the objects and feel
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