Personal Narrative: The Throwning

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There was a slight breeze rocking the boat as my family and I stepped onto the boat. My family had a great love for fishing. we had decided to take the whole family to South Padre. I was enjoying the view of the calm waters. My cousin and I had our feet up, sitting back, and our fishing poles ready I swung my fishing pole back and casted it out straight up in the sky, it looked strange seing fish bait fly like that into the water. I started to reel it back in and i felt the little vibrations of fish biting and I jerked amd sure enough i hooked a nice looking skip jack, and when I reeled it up from the depths it just jumped right in the boat. Afterward my dad said they stopped biting so we moved on to another spot in hopes of better luck but …show more content…

I struggled for a little bit thinking if I stopped moving I would surely die and had a small anxiety attack thinking of whats swimming under me until I felt a rope hit me in the face as everyone in the boat was laughing hysterically. I thought the risk of drowning was pretty funny to. Me and my family have a very open sense of humor as it becomes apparent over time. We went on fishing to a differant spot about two miles away and i'am so glad I didnt fall off there because there was a huge school off small mackeral and the dolphins were going crazy jumping and circling the school. We stopped there and put our lines down and we caught all the predatory fish like drum, blue catfish, grouper, dogfish, and the winner was a 3 foot hammer head shark that my dad caught. I realised a funny coincidense my father has only caught one type of shark his whole life, the hammer head he's caught hammer heads 4 times before in his past I thought that was strange since there are plenty of other sharks. That was a great trip filled with fun memories and fun times, atleast I learned to never stand up in a fast moving

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