Personal Narrative: To Whom This May Concern

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To Whom This May Concern, On Nov. 30th, as our family was eating dinner, Kaelynn told us that Mrs. Doolin had told her at lunch to "sit her ass down" when she told her she needed to use the restroom. Approx 2 months ago, Kaelynn needed to use the restroom and Mrs. Doolin told her "no this is lunch time and you need to eat your lunch" Kaelynn told her again that she needed to use the restroom and that she needed to poop badly, Mrs. Doolin told Kaelynn that she needed to eat her lunch first then she could go to the bathroom. I took this issue to Mrs. Flynn to which she asked Mrs. Doolin about the issue and she stated she did not remember. This is the 2nd incident we've encountered with Mrs. Doolin. I volunteer a lot at the Elementary and I
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