Personal Narrative: What Is A Personal Identity?

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Personal Identity

What is a personal identity, and how does one go by gaining one? This is a question that has been asked and debated for centuries by many philosophers who at one time in their life asked themselves, who am I? Personal identity is the personal “qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person different from others (Merriam-Webster)”. Many people think personal identity comes from a specific pivotal moment in your life where others, feel that you receive personal identity at conception. Yet some believe that you get it based off of the life experiences that you have. It is true to an extant that you have an identity at birth, although you gain more of a semi-permanent identity in time after you have learned through …show more content…

My Scout Master, Dan Garvin was a very influential man in my life. Dan helped me to learn what it takes in life to be a great leader, husband, man and ultimately be the best human being possible. His family values, which he embodied, had a great effect on how I treated people and how I defined who I was going to be as a young man. I looked up to his great example and tried to apply how he lived to myself, and how I wanted to be. He impacted the way that I saw life and gave me a sense of purpose. My purpose was to someday be just as influential as he was to me to someone else. Whenever I saw him lead people by motivation them through kindness and example I was in awe. Because of this example I knew that I wanted to be that same type of influential …show more content…

This exact moment made me feel the need to change myself as a whole, and devote myself to God. For this reason, I then devoted the next two years of my life to serving a full-time mission of service for my church, to those that were in need. I went to the Houston-South Texas mission, to help those that were less fortunate and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the hottest place that I at the time had ever been. The sweat and tears that were poured into this mission helped me to learn empathy. This was the time in my life that I felt made me into the man that I am today. It was a very demanding two years that required a lot work out of me, but in return gave me many

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