Personal Narrative: Why I Volunteer To Work

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The agency I volunteered to work at was the Graffiti Church Ministries After-School Program on 205 E 7th St. During the school week, usually Mondays, I would take the train to this program and strive to make the kids’ days at least a little bit better. I would almost always arrive at 3:15 PM exactly and would first help the children with their homework. Helping the children was shockingly much more troublesome than anticipated. I would have to explain exceptionally basic concepts to someone who knew next to nothing about it. I remember distinctively helping a kid, Jamel, with his homework and it proved extremely difficult for me to explain the concept of time to a first grader. I attempted to clarify that a quarter, as far as time, is commensurate…show more content…
St. Francis, for example, was a party animal and a rich man who had everything, yet he gave it all away to help others and now he is praised as a Saint. Christian service is similar to this but on a much smaller scale, We try to help others in any way we can to further ourselves as people and see the world through the eyes of someone who may be less fortunate than us students at Xavier. A normal day consisted of helping with homework, followed by playing games with the kids. The kids and I had a go to game: UNO. I was very familiar with UNO and I was aware of the rules and how to play, however, the kids seemed to play by different rules. The children would try to play multiple cards of different colors and say it was perfectly legal, but when another kid did the same, a shouting match began where the winner had to shout cheater louder than the other kid. Also, when I would get close to winning, a kid Owen, would always make up a rule and say I broke it; the penalty for this broken rule was drawing ten more cards. Besides the shouting and unfair rules and the fact that whenever I might win, I would be forced to draw ten cards, I enjoyed playing UNO every
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