Personal Narrative: Working At The Zen Garden

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I’m out working in the garden while the 100 degree weather sears my skin. I wear a thick kimono from head to toe and sweating like never before. I think it’s probably this spot that I’m currently working on. Because my birthday was last week, I planned on going to the mall to shop, eat, and have a great time. I previously thought me and my mother Chie came to an agreement, but she changed her mind and thought that today would be a good day to randomly plant new flowers in our garden. My mother meditates and works in our Zen garden always. In other words, she has a robot-like structure. It’s almost as if she can’t stray from her strict programming. Since we live off the country near a small wooded area, our Zen garden spans throughout our entire property. Generally its peaceful much of the time because there is not much neighbors, but from time to time a few issues arise. My mother spends most of her time in the Zen garden because my dad, Hiroshi has a good enough job at his company to support our family. We’re a peaceful family of 4 who lives in Los…show more content…
I called my mother over to inspect the work I had completed. She comes over and admits," Good Job Hanako!". I put in the effort and smear a fake smile across my and reply," Thank you mother, may I head to the mall with my friends now?” I ask. After a long pause she finally insist," No, not anymore, I think it's a great time to meditate." As I hear these words my heart sinks. I boil over with anger as I walk to sit down. As I "meditate”, I think about my friends enjoying themselves shopping, eating, and maybe even drinking coca cola. I eventually break down in tears. My mother watches from afar and looks like she has something to share with me, but I don't care. I've had enough so with all the strength I have, I stand up and run out of the
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