Personal Note On Family And Family

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There are many of ways that I can describe the word family. To me family isn’t just only blood, family is someone who I can count on when times get hard. That person I can count on may not be a mother, father, brother, or sister. That person may be a teacher, coach, or a friend. Family is people who want to see someone happy in life; people who loves us and wants to see us make something out of ourselves. Family is people who can get together and have a good time and make memories. The reasons I value family is because there a support group, they show my history background and stays connected, and finally I benefit from themy life experience.
If I look into the history of the word family, I can see that the meaning changed several times over the decades. The meanings always tend to relate together in some type of form. Family was referred to in the Middle French as “a group of people living under the same rooftop” in 1337. If you just think about a next door neighbor who lost themy house and you let them stay in your home. Say if they moved in with you because they were broke and lost themy house. That neighbor would be considered family. Over a decade later in 1442-1444, the meaning of family change to “people who are related by blood” I did have the same blood line as someone else. That is a term we still use today. Then again around the time 1580 in the Middle French the word is defined “is a group of people related by blood or marriage” also a term we use today. That

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