Personal Note On Time Management And Leisure

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I recorded and tracked my time for a week and as I was totaling up my hours for each block of time used in similar tasks I soon realized a trend. I love to sleep and I love to be social. Community service and religion was absent in my totaled hours. Time management and leisure are very closely related. With the help of a time use calendar, I plan to better balance my time in the future. My initial observations of sleeping or napping were not surprising because we all need it. Second, I realized that I am an incredibly social person more than I thought I was. For the most part, I love to be with my friends, my family, and with my significant other. The third place I significantly spend my time is at work, I was surprised it was not school. I was shocked to find that I did not spend a lot of time doing homework as much as I initially thought. I spend just as much time driving as I do getting ready. I hope technology advances with self-driving cars so I can get ready on my way to work and school, which would kill two birds with one stone. I don’t feel wasteful of my time because it seems I don’t watch as much television as I thought I did. I can however, use my time more wisely in using more hours to study and do homework over the weekend than to be socializing as much as I do. I seem to binge socialize from Thursday through Sunday. I can balance that out if I socialize throughout the week and leave some time to do my homework in the weekend. I noticed that I hardly even

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