Personal Note On Time Management Essay

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Time management seems to be one of the most difficult things to do in college. Having time for class, work, and homework on top of trying to have a social life or time to relax and distress can be grueling. During this project, I learned some ways to better my work habits and lessen my procrastination. While sometimes like most people I tend to over stress, but there are other times where I don’t stress enough and end up rushing last minute. I’m not very good with managing my time, like most of the freshman in college. Netflix is my biggest weakness. I try to put it aside and wait until I finish my assignments. Sometimes I take breaks and watch Netflix for about 30 minutes, while eating also and other times I get completely distracted by it and forget that I didn’t finish my work. There are other times when I am so focused on finishing my work that I don’t even take a break to eat. Which is very unhealthy, stress causes a loss of appetite and sometimes I tell myself I’m not hungry even though I haven’t eaten anything all day. Doing this assignment made me really focus on my habits. Most of them are terrible. I need to find ways to motivate myself, get my work finished in a timely manner while also balancing my work, class, and social life. “Time management is not very difficult as a concept, but it’s surprisingly hard to do in practice. It requires the investment of a little time upfront to prioritize and organize yourself. But once done, you will find that

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