Personal Reflection Essay

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The main goals for this project, as I said in my email last year, were to improve my work ethic, and create something I was proud of. I believe I accomplished both of those things, but first I will discuss the things that I would have done differently. Most importantly I would have captured more emotion in my photos. Not just more photos, but a wider range of emotions. I did capture some other emotions, but I had a lot fewer shots of them and therefore even fewer made it into the final project. I think that Braden purposefully wore a hat when I was taking photos of him, but I didn’t notice until it was too late. I would have worked harder to make him comfortable without it, but it took me too long to realize. I think I captured the main mood of what he does which is a sort of peaceful kind of work. He really seems in bliss when playing guitar and I was really able to capture that with the images I already took. As I continue to photograph Braden I will try to get more images depicting sadness, happiness, frustration, etc. I also wish I had more time with Braden. I took very opportunity that I had to take photos of him, and I shot at many different locations, but I am looking forward to photographing him during the school year when he is not gone with his family so much. This way I will have opportunities to photograph him in even more environments and doing more than just playing guitar. I will focus a little less on composition and more on the story, emotion, etc. I think

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