Personal Reflection Essay

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Introduction Before this module, I was nervous about will I be able to get a placement. Or even how to apply for a placement? Although I had a general knowledge about CV, I didn’t know that CV must be tailored for each company you are applying for. I just had one CV which I used for everything. But now, because of Management Skills module, I am more relaxed as I have a basic understanding about how to apply, tailor CV so it meets the requirement of the business and what employee look for. Applying for placement and jobs During the first part of the module, we focused of writing CV and cover letters. In the first seminar, we analysed two CV’s and two cover letters and looked for its strength and weakness. From this exercise, I learned that just stating the skills and qualities is not enough, you have to make sure to write how you developed them as well, whether it’s from work experience or playing sports. Moreover, I found out that different business has different interpersonal skills requirement, so when making CV I will make sure to state the requirement they want. Furthermore, from reviewing the cover letter, I discovered that when writing cover letter, make sure I write about what I can provide for the business not just what they can offer for me. For instant, next time I write cover letter, I will say “I will bring my leadership skills to your company which I have developed from working at Marks and Spencer as I had to mentor new employee”. Another knowledge that I

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