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Here in reflection number two, I will be showing my learning development progress in two learning outcomes. As we continue to move through the class, I feel like I have semi, very close to, mastered analyzing and critiquing communication theories based upon appropriate evaluation criteria. Additionally, I have mastered my understanding of articulating the role and functions of communication processes in everyday social interaction. To start, when I first entered this class I never would of thought that everything, everything that I experience on the daily would be some type of concept in communications. Every little thing that my peers or I do is a learning concept through our thousands of ways of communicating, whether verbal or non-verbal. In LO 3, I feel like one quick connection that was a common example I have been using would be the two scientists at the party. I say this because that is a clear view of evaluating a theory, as one scientist looked like a scientist while the other blended into the party. Both were appropriate evaluations of a subject, though maybe not scientist one for the party. Additionally, I think through the videos we watch with each different presenter, if included in the presentation, we are clearly showing how we analyze and critique each lesson through thorough review of the clips. We also evaluate appropriately through our discussions afterwards and how we get so into the topic like we are digging deeper into the concept, helping us connect

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