Personal Reflection Of A Personal Evaluation Notebook

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After completing the Personal Evaluation Notebook, I learned things about myself that I otherwise would not have known. I always used to hear people talk about if they were introverted or extroverted but I never really knew what this meant or which one I was. Some see being introverted or extroverted in a negative and positive connotation but I like to think that everyone was created differently and this creates different personality traits. Everyone has a different personality and learn best in different environments. Looking throughout this packet, I tried to answer each question as honest and accurate as I could about my myself. Even though some of the results I received while doing the inventory were somewhat inaccurate, I still think that most of the data was true regarding myself. The first activity in this evaluation was the Learning Style Inventory. After completing this activity I was informed that I am a visual learner which I do consider to be true. Throughout my life I have always been the type of person that likes to be able to see what I am learning rather than just hearing the information. I love to take notes in my own handwriting because I feel that writing something down and seeing that information, helps me absorb what I am learning. When I take notes I also like to bullet, circle and star things that may be important. Since I am considered to be a visual learner, I also learn best by seeing what I need to do. For example, if there is something I need to

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