Personal Reflection : What I Learned About The Brain

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This semester I learned so much. I had never taken any class like this before so it was all new. I learned all about the brain and how it works. We started with psychology in general and what it is. Then we learned a lot about the brain and what is inside. For example, the hypothalamus is in charge of regulating the body’s temperature and thirst and hunger. This was interesting to see everything that is involved in our everyday life. While learning about this we watched the video on Phineas Gage, which was very interesting to hear about. I also thought the eye was cool to learn about. I never knew that the image we see is flipped. We then moved onto the ear and other senses. Sleep was the only subject I already knew a little bit about. Even then I learned new things like, at the end of NREM-3 is when children wet their bed. Then we moved on to drugs, a lot of them I had never heard of so it was nice to learn more about them. After that we did learning and memory. These two sections were full of a lot of interesting information. We learned about everything from conditioning and punishment to how the brain processes information. Thinking was kind of like learning and memory. Then we did motivation with all of the different types of drives and and needs the body has. We then moved to development. This showed up has the brain changes as people grow up. Also we learned a lot about what influences a child as they grow into an adult. I never realized how much information

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