Personal Reflection on Globalization

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Personal Reflection Introduction Over the last several years, globalization has been having a profound impact on the way businesses are operating. This is because the elimination of trade barriers is giving firms access to a pool of cheap labor in countries such as: China and India. At the same time, many companies are looking for employees that are highly specialized (who can help to increase their bottom line results). To attract the best talent, the most successful firms have been able to integrate effective leadership into their organizational culture (i.e. Southwest Airlines and Starbucks). This has helped the firms to dominate the marketplace and redefine the customer experience. What has made these companies so successful is their effective organizational leadership that is in place. This is allowing them to adjust with new challenges and reach out to a larger demographic of customers. These ideas are illustrating the way that strong leadership will have an impact on the work environment and the strategies that are utilized by firms. (Daft, 2008, pp. 421 422) My recent application for admission is taking into account how I can use these concepts to have an impact on the business world. This is because I have the real world experience and practical knowledge to make an immediate effect inside any organization. At the same time, I have the personal references and a level of preparedness to deal with whatever challenges I am facing. The combination of these factors
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