Research Paper On 9/11

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9/11, one of the most devastating events to take place in the history of the United States. This attack was lead by a former terrorist group named Al Qaeda, or was it. For this research paper, I have decided to go in depth of the event that took place on September 11th. I will be taking the side that states Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the attacks, and that it was in fact an inside job lead by Bush and his administration. I am covering this topic because ever since learning about this event in middle school, I have always been skeptical about why and how that happened. Personally, I would like to know more and see what can be discovered by researching this event. I am also doing this topic because I have heard from many people Bush was …show more content…

There are many questions to be answered, and the first one I want to answer is how did the jet fuel melt the steel beams in the towers. Another question, is there is video footage of the towers blowing up before the plane hit. I would like to discover if that video is edited or actual footage. Next topic I want to cover is how exactly did the black box, which is meant to survive a crash, get destroyed, yet the terrorist passports survived the crash, including the terrorist who was in the cockpit. Also, the argument that Bush did 9/11 for an excuse to invade Iran, will be valid in my paper. Lastly, I will discuss how Bin Laden denied that he did 9/11, when his previous attacks prove he enjoys to boast about them. So would one not think he would brag about planning the biggest attack on U.S. soil? Despite many discussions that will come up in my paper, there will be sub categories in each discussion, with evidence to prove them all. Before all my research I knew quite a good amount about this topic, but my knowledge was increased after researching some things. One thing I knew was that Bush and his entire administration wanted to go into war in the middle east. With that being said, one website discusses how Bush would not declare war without an actual reason. This website says that Bush caused 9/11 so that war with the middle east was possible. Bush would have done anything to get the war he wanted and 9/11 is evidence of that.

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