Personal Statement: A Career As A Coach

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Prospects: The first job is coaching. There is a lot of different coaching jobs such as the ones for different sports like football, baseball, volleyball, track, and the list goes on. Then there are coaching jobs for school academics like debate and forensics. Coaches are not needed just for the sports, they are also needed for different types of levels. The levels are elementary level which are grades kindergarten through sixth, then the middle school level which is seventh and eighth grade. After that there is the high school level which is ninth through twelfth grade. Then there is the college level and the professional level which is the final level. Now first off, it takes more than just being there to be a good coach. The main thing needed …show more content…

I want to be a high school PE Teacher and coach, it could be a head coach or an assistant coach, either way. Now what is needed is a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree. Not just a bachelor's degree, but a degree in the subject. The bachelor’s degree is also needed to be a coach. To be a PE teacher another requirement is to be licensed by the state which I would be working in so I would have to get one of those too. To be a teacher, you have twelve hours of student teaching which is done over the semesters. To be a coach you also have to a knowledge of the game or whatever sport I would …show more content…

I just kind of went with the flow on everything I have ever done. For a while I kind of thought that my main purpose in life was just to play sports, because since I started playing sports in like first grade that was all I did. My dad was really big on sports so everything he had me in every sport possible. Then when I started getting older sports kind of became a big deal for me so that is what I really focused on. For a while sports came first and everything else came second to me. The older I got the more I realized that I needed to put school first so I did, but sports was still tied with it. Now that I am a senior in high school and sports are about to be over for me if I don’t get a scholarship, I don’t really know what my purpose is now. Considering I want to be a PE teacher and a sports coach I guess you can say that my purpose in life is still sports even though I won’t be the one playing. I believe that my purpose in life is probably just sports for now, I will probably find out what it really is later on in life. I think my areas I need to approve on before becoming a coach and a PE teacher would probably the jokes I make. I don’t think some of the students or players I would be teaching and coaching would be okay and laugh at some of the jokes I make. To be able to do what I want in the future I think the main thing I’m going to have to do is get through

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