What it takes to become a coach Essay examples

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When I think of coaching I think of practice planning, game planning, scouting strategizing of offense and defense, choosing my starters, little things like that. All of those ideas are valid, but that’s not the whole picture. There is a lot more to coaching than planning for a practice or a game. Many times a person who would like to coach an interschool athletic team has little or no preparation to teach sports skills and techniques. The only qualifications is often the person’s participation on his or her high school, college, or university’s team, coach of a community youth team or even perhaps as a professional player. While all that experience is valuable in one way or another, it does not constitute an adequate preparation for…show more content…
Required classes to ensure that coaches know what to do are: Selected principles of biology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, and sociology related to coaching; human growth and development; safety; first aid and care of injuries; and training and conditioning of athletes. All coaches must be current in first aid prior to the first day of practice for the assigned sport. According to the Commissioner of Education in New York State University as stated in an interview through e-mail, “First-aid can be completed through various options like American Red Cross responding to emergencies; a state education department-approved course on health sciences applied to coaching; a state education department-approved college or university on athletics training or sport medicine; a state education department-approved in-service first aid course; a state education department-approved college first aid course; or equivalent experience attending clinics, workshops, courses or specific programs approved by the Commissioner of Education in that coach’s state.” Knowing the issues that come with safety and prevention is the most important. Every coach needs to take into consideration the fact that anything can happen, and with a proper training and courses taken can help in quick reaction to any incident occurring. Knowing the health related aspects of athletics is something every coach has to have.
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