Personal Statement : Developing Others

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Developing others. Leaders, who show a sincere concern while developing others, mentor those they lead, by promoting their abilities while understanding their goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Furthermore, provide useful feedback in a timely manner so goals can be obtained, strengths can be capitalized, and weaknesses can be addressed. My supervisor has no desire to develop others. He does not mentor or provide valuable feedback. He has never asked me what my goals are hence, no mentorship. My evaluation was six months late, furthermore, generic, therefore, it did not capture my goals, strengths, or weaknesses. His strategy of developing others is pounding on the desk and yelling. Change catalyst. Leaders, who are adept in catalyzing change, are capable of recognizing the necessity for change, challenge the social and political issues, and support the new command. If faced with barriers during change, they find practical ways to overcome the obstacles. Although, the team’s morale is at rock bottom, my supervisor has done absolutely nothing to change it. Regrettably, he is not adept in discovering ways to overcome challenges within his own team nor does he seem to care. Consequently, he would not be an ideal advocate for change considering his failure to understand and overcome obstacles concerning his team. Conflict management. Leaders, who are competent in managing conflict, are able to understand the different viewpoints during a conflict and
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