Personal Statement For Social Work

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The profession of Social work is a unique field in that it reaches many different individuals in many different aspects of their lives. Growing up with six siblings and being confined to a small three bedroom apartment, while my mother worked multiple jobs to provide for her children, often times I became dependent on others to guide me. In retrospect of my childhood, I have been affected by social workers, though they were not in such profession. These individuals who impacted my life, did not realize the blessings they were bestowing upon me. Little did they recognize, they forever enriched my life. I desire to become a professional at not only guiding individuals to different avenues to help them in their situation but, I also want to make a difference in these individuals lives. As I have entered my professional career, social work continues to play a tremendous role for not only myself, but the clients I ultimately work for. Seeing this continuum and knowing the great impact that it has for one, has truly evolved my thinking and way of life. While obtaining a Bachelor’s degree and working with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon services (SCDPPPS) has been a great experience, obtaining a Masters in Social work would ensure that my passion and talent will contribute to the type of service that I desire to provide. Through my Social work career, I yearn to be a firm advocate for constitutional and civil rights, child welfare, discrimination, and

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