Personal Statement For The Long Term Care Community

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My duties in the long-term care community is the motivational factor in my enrollment back into school. As I reflect throughout the course, I realize that I had the ability and potential to excel in a leadership role. In module 3, we participated in the MindTools leadership assessment where I scored a 74 of 90. I scored strong on self-confidence and motivating people to deliver the vision. The areas that I needed to work on are: being a good role model, managing performance effectively, and providing support and stimulation. I scored 8 of 10 on positive attitude and outlook, emotional intelligence and providing a compelling vision of the future. I expressed that I was a bit disappointed to see myself scoring low on being a good role model because I considered myself one. In my current position, I lead by example. Leading by example has a significant impact on helping inspire your employees to do the same. Anyone can have a vision and can tell others how to execute that vision but leading by example is a way to demonstrate a better way of working (McCrimmon, 2011). Several people describe vision as an essential part of leadership, in contrast, leading by example is the key to becoming a successful leader. Consequently, the MindTools leadership assessment provided myself the inspiration to continue with a degree program in Bachelor Science of Healthcare Administration and Management. I currently work for a large retirement and nursing home community as a certified dietary

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