Personal Statement For Transportation Engineering

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The development of every nation hinges on the effectiveness of their transportation systems. Movement of goods, services and people to and from work is made possible by transportation systems. The importance of effective transportation systems cannot be over-emphasized. A lot of countries are facing Transportation problems and my country Ghana is no exception. A trip of about 30 minutes can take about an hour or more due to traffic jams. This is seriously impacting productivity and has been a topical issue in the country. The situation is the same in Uganda where I currently work. To this end, Transportation Engineers are needed to design roads/ highways that will stand the test of time, plan effective traffic management systems to reduce travel …show more content…

I maintained a high academic profile ranking among the top 6% of my graduating class. During my undergraduate study, it was the field of Transportation Engineering that caught my special interest and ever since I have strived hard to achieve my dream of becoming a Transportation Engineer. My interest for Transportation Engineering was sparked by courses, Transportation Engineering and Highway Engineering in my third year. These courses introduced me to the fundamentals of traffic engineering and geometric design of roads respectively. As part of the course requirements, we undertook a mini project where we carried out traffic survey and subsequently undertook traffic analysis for a major road in Kumasi, Ghana. We also carried out parking studies on campus, carried out analysis and presented our results through a presentation. Subsequently, I chose Transportation Engineering as one of my electives in final year. To augment the theoretical knowledge gained in class I interned at Ussuya Construction Limited during vacations, where I gained knowledge on surveying, supervision of road works on the construction of the Spintex Road …show more content…

Given the level of experience I have accrued in my last 3 years both in Ghana and Uganda coupled with my strong academic achievement, I am confident that I have what it takes to carry out research and contribute effectively to the Civil Engineering Department of the North Dakota State University and subsequently match the academic standards set by the University.

The graduate students’ population at the North Dakota State University is made up of 25% of International Students. I fancy my chances of gaining admission given my experience and academic achievements coupled with the school’s high population of International Students. Also, the course outline perfectly matched my career prospects and research interests.

Hence, I have decided to pursue my masters at the North Dakota State University because the course structure perfectly suits my career prospects and also the modern state of the art of the equipments and facilities which aids

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