Personal Statement : Motivation And Motivation

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Throughout my life, I have had many situations where I was put in a group and had to interact with people that I did not know. However, these interactions have changed me as a whole. These communications also helped me discover my weaknesses and strengths. Through all of my group interactions, I have established the sense of responsibility, gained motivation and willpower, and developed a network of relationships. I believe that group strengths are being prompt with my work and pre-planning my tasks. Being prompt with my work has allowed my group work to progress faster and pre-planning allowed me to lower my stress of work load. Additionally, I believe that my group weaknesses are having anxiety and being indecisive about choosing tasks. Furthermore, others believe that my group strength is that I am informative. Usually some group members would forget what they have to do to complete their task and I would help by reminding them. Others perceive my group weakness to being not so talkative. I usually stay silent in group discussions or wait until my group members ask me questions. According to the Mastering Group Skills: How Competent Are You? Exercise on page 109, I am competent in most of the skills. I would rate my communication competence as competent. I did notice a pattern in my responses, most of the skills that correlate with speaking directly to group members were rated as either weak or competent. My verbal competencies are weaker than my nonverbal…
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