Personal Statement : My Assistant

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In 2000, I was twenty-four years of age. I was working in one of the most-prestigious financial institutions the country. I reported directly to the CFO. I never knew what my official job title was. I was plucked from the trading cage. My boss had four executive male secretaries, who in turn had eight male secretaries. Two each. I knew I wasn 't a secretary. I knew I made a lot of money. I hadn 't the slightest clue what for. Until recently. During the winter, the 72nd second floor resembled a boat deck in the sky. Surrounded by white mist, white shirts, and stock market screens, the teetering floors in high winds became the highlight of my day. At 600: AM it resembled the starship enterprise or NASA control room. Flickering lights ....…show more content…
The Group of Seven was made up of seven men in white shirts who spoke to no one, except one another, behind glass walls. I rode in an elevator with one of them once. Not a peep. Not even an acknowledgement. I felt as though I should hang my head in shame. Why? I hadn 't the slightest idea. Seventy-two floors are a long ride up. As four thirty rolled in, the last male secretary put his coat on and departed for the drifts below. The markets were closing in eight minutes. The Group of Seven glowed in their glass vestibule as their meeting commenced. Their shirts, for once did not match the colour of the sky. Once again the building swayed. The wind was not only felt but heard as it blasted through the forced air systems. Perched in my cage, I noticed a yellow ticket falling in mid air like a feather to the ground. I could not leave my cage. I was to be reprimanded for doing so. FIRED. A yellow ticket signified an order to buy. If ever a yellow ticket was filled in error a procedure existed to void the transaction. The pink slip was not attached therefore it was a live order. Four minutes remained. The Group of Seven seemed as if they were several kilometers away (although they weren 't.) They glowed like nuclear power plant. Two minutes. I couldn 't page them; I couldn 't scream for ticket rescue. I
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