Personal Statement : My Life Essay

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I never knew what it felt like to be content in a relationship, or what true love was, until I met Dan. Prior to this success, I disentangled myself out of a three year relationship full of manipulative and childish acts. Likewise, all Tyler accomplished in our ‘relationship’ was taking advantage of my kindheartedness. He used me for sex, money, and for someone to be there for him. This immature, sophomore high school student at the time insisted that he loved me, but he didn’t. He stated that I was the best thing to ever walk into his life, but he never showed it. He promised me that we would never break up, but we did. Our three year ‘relationship’ was nothing but forced love.
I thought I loved him. Actually, I thought I was in love with him, but I wasn’t. I didn’t love him at all. I just loved the idea of having someone.
Tyler broke me. I put in my whole heart and soul into the relationship, but I guess I was not qualified enough for what he was looking for. I was the only one who invested my time and effort to repair any problems in the relationship, or keeping the relationship alive. Therefore, I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally.
In the back of my mind, I recognized that Tyler was never ‘the one’ to deserve my time, but nevertheless forced him to be ‘the one’ inside of my underdeveloped mind.
We possessed young high school love; a ‘love’ where you abduct the commitment from your relationship to take a break from it every few months. Then,

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