Personal Statement : My Placement Year

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My placement year was one of the best things I have done during my time at university. Having the opportunity to gain valuable experience in an office has given me more opportunities than most when leaving university. I learnt a lot about myself and gained many skills that will be a key to success in the future.

Taking the time to reflect on all the moments that’s affected me really shows how I learnt and developed and how it can change the way I act in the future. Reflective practice is a process well suited to achieving personal growth and facilitating personal and professional development (Scaife, 2014). My time at JLL has shown me that informal learning suits me more than formal leaning. I have taken on a role that involves lots of web design and code, so I’ve had to teach myself how to do this via colleagues’ help, podcasts and meetings. Unlike my manager Rob who is very formal when it comes to learing, I use informal interactions with people to learn what I need to know before I put it into practice.

I recently read in the book ‘Skills for Success’ by Stella Cottrell, that you need to take responsibility for your own learning and recognise your own learning preferences. This is a valuable thing to pick up on as being able to recognise how you learn best can help you complete a task to your best ability, and taking responsibility for you own learning rather than replying on others shows what a resourceful worker you can be. After reading this I realised the best

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