Personal Statement Of Teaching : My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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When thinking of teaching I feel excited realizing that God has given me the opportunity to teach and the gift to do it. When I was 22, I was working as a nurse and enjoyed it immensely, but then got married to a teacher. After that, I found myself in educational institutions. I then decided to take up teaching and enrolled myself in a teacher-training program. This was without any passion or thought merely out of convenience. When I completed it I was asked to teach teacher training students. I enjoyed teaching at this level. My next position in teaching kindergarten kids impacted me for life. I was assigned to a small Seventh-day Adventist school. The enrollment was very low and they thought that they would have to close the school in a few years. I began the school year with only six students, however in a few months word got out about the way I was teaching and enrollment increased to 44 students. The school gave me two TA’s who assisted me all day. I enjoyed teaching these little ones. Watching them grow and develop made me happy and fulfilled. This has been 26 years ago and I am happy that I am still in touch with for students from that class.
I have often wondered what it is that I enjoy in teaching. I have realized that I enjoy seeing my students learn new skills and gain self-confidence. This makes me love the profession. When I say profession, I think I am underestimating the work involved because teaching to me is more than a profession: its life itself.
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